Our Mission

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To provide transparency into the criminal justice system, and apply technology to create a system that promotes fairness for all people, regardless of race, age, gender, or socioeconomic standing.

The criminal justice system impacts underrepresented communities at a disproportionately high rate, but in Washington State there is no comprehensive source of criminal case data, with individual counties, prosecutors' offices, and various state commissions all holding pieces of an immense and incomplete puzzle.

Without the ability to see metrics and data for key milestones across the criminal justice lifecycle, voters, legislators, criminal law practitioners, and the public are left with no way to understand the current state of the system or the impact of changes in laws or sentencing guidelines.

These inequities have either been hidden or discussed anecdotally, without tools to measure the real-time impact.

Those engaged in the criminal justice system often lack visibility into what their peers or even their own agencies are doing. Without central access to the data that can reveal biases and the impacts of decisions on a wide scale, it’s hard to truly understand how individual decisions might contribute to disproportionality in the system. Colleges and universities have conducted lengthy studies into these issues, but many individuals, families, and communities suffer harm in the meantime, as those studies can take years to finish and are only snapshots in time. Our goal is to provide more timely data compilation and visualization. Immediate insight drives more immediate understanding and action.

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