We provide transparency to measure equality in the criminal legal system.

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The American criminal legal system impacts marginalized communities at a disproportionately high rate. But this has been hard to quantify due to the lack of a comprehensive source of criminal case data.

With the AEJG Equity Dashboard, created by data and criminal justice experts, publicly available adult felony case data is transformed into a more accessible, digestible format—broken out by a variety of factors including decision makers, county, and demographic characteristics. All to help policymakers and practitioners to make more informed decisions.

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We are the American Equity & Justice Group.

Our mission is to provide transparency into the criminal legal system and apply technology to create a system that promotes equity and justice for all people - regardless of race, age, gender, or socioeconomic standing.

Because there is no comprehensive source of criminal case data in many states, voters, legislators, criminal law practitioners, impacted individuals, researchers, and the public are left with no way to understand the current state of the system or the impact of changes in laws or sentencing guidelines.

But with tools to see and measure the real-time impact of key milestones in the criminal legal process, we can change all that.

Access to centralized and up to date data can improve understanding and action. Criminal legal system actors will get to see what their peers or own agencies are doing. Everyone can get more immediate insight into decisions, the impacts of decisions, or biases, on a wide scale.

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