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The American Equity & Justice Group is the non-profit team behind the dashboard.

The American Equity & Justice Group is the non-profit team behind the dashboard. Led by founder Anthony Powers, it is supported by a team of individuals with expertise in technology, data, criminal justice, business metrics, and legislation.


Anthony Powers

AEJG Executive Director & Board Member

Anthony Powers is an experienced, inclusive, and inspirational leader, helping people to forge positive futures, and organizing people to work towards more equity in the justice system. He founded the American Equity and Justice Group to make data more available and useful, helping decision-makers understand the fairness of policy and sentencing decisions and ultimately improve equity in the justice system.

Reentry Program Director, Seattle Clemency Project


Kim Gordon

AEJG President & Board Member

Kim Gordon is a strong and dedicated advocate for people involved in federal, state, and misdemeanor courts. Through her courtroom advocacy, assistance to clients, policy and legislative work, teaching, and mentorship, Kim has changed lives. Kim was a key legal advisor to all Hackathon projects and currently serves as the founding President of the American Equity and Justice Group.

Partner of Gordon & Saunders PLLC, and current member of Washington's Sentencing Guidelines Commission (appointed by Governor Jay Inslee).


Kate Sigafoos

AEJG Vice President & Board Member

Kate Sigafoos is a former Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney and Pro–Tem Judge, who now works with Microsoft as an employment lawyer. She was instrumental to the success of the 2020 Hackathon as she provided legal advice and bridged the gap between the worlds of criminal justice and technology. As American Equity and Justice Group’s founding Secretary, she continues as an instrumental part of the team.

Employment lawyer, Microsoft


Anand Gupta

AEJG Treasurer & Board Member

Anand Gupta is a Senior Patent attorney at Microsoft. He also has expertise in Intellectual Property, Outlook, M365 Core, Substrate/Leadership. After using his leadership skills to coordinate meetings with valuable stakeholders during and after the 2020 Hackathon, he became American Equity and Justice Group’s founding Treasurer.

Senior Corporate Counsel, Patents, Microsoft


Ashley O'Connor McCready

AEJG Secretary & Board Member

Ashley O'Connor McCready is an attorney in Washington state where she clerks for Judge Leonard Feldman at the Court of Appeals, Division 1. She has a law degree from Seattle University, a master's degree in political science from the University of Illinois, and an undergraduate degree in Business from California State University, Long Beach. Ashley has 20+ years of experience advocating for marginalized communities through Youthcare, Treehouse, Advocacy for Patients, Team Gleason, Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, Path with Art, and the Washington Innocence Project, where she is currently board president.

Law clerk, Judge Leonard Feldman, Court of Appeals, Division 1


Abron Arrington

AEJG Board Member

Abron Arrington is a change maker, the founder and CEO of Imhotec Geo Engineering, Imhotec Bio Engineering, and Geoclipse LLC (Renewable Energy System), and the inventor of the patented A-Wall flood mitigation system, the patent pending Eclipse renewable energy system, and the ATIEM microbial treatment system. He was incarcerated 30+ years for a wrongful conviction before receiving a rare immediate clemency from Governor Polis in 2019. He is also a Care Manager at the Second Chance Center.

CEO, Imhotec Geo Engineering


Ali Hohman

AEJG Board Member

Alexandria “Ali” Hohman joined the Washington Defender Association in the spring of 2020 as their Director of Legal Services. Previously, she worked in criminal law and family defense throughout Washington State, and served as the sole law clerk assisting Skagit County Superior Court's judges.

Washington Defender Association


Chris Zachary

AEJG Board Member

Chris Zachary is a former US Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier jet pilot who flew 180 combat missions before receiving his honorable discharge. He then obtained his MBA from the University of Washington and now has over a decade of experience combining data with scalable business processes. He currently works at Amazon as the Head of Sports Business Operations and Business Intelligence for live sports on Prime Video.

Head of Global Live Sports Business Operations, Amazon


Julius Lang

AEJG Board Member

Julius Lang is an experienced lawyer and community organizer with a passion for criminal justice reform. Julius served at the Center for Court Innovation for 24 years as Senior Advisor and Director of Training and Technical Assistance, responsible for leading the agency's community justice consulting services for jurisdictions around the nation and internationally. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Villanova University School of Law.

Former Director, Center for Court Innovation


Nick Allen

AEJG Board Member

Nick Allen is the Policy and Advocacy Director at Group Health Foundation (GHF), a 501(c)(4) philanthropic organization committed to partnering with communities across Washington state to transform the balance of power to ensure equity and racial justice in Washington and beyond. Prior to joining GHF, Nick practiced law for over a decade at Columbia Legal Services (CLS), where he engaged in systemic advocacy on behalf of people in Eastern Washington jails and prisons, including serving as the Deputy Director of Advocacy for CLS's ending mass incarceration work.

Policy and Advocacy Director, Group Health Foundation


Marc Howard

AEJG Board Member

Marc M. Howard is a leading voice and advocate for criminal justice and prison reform, a prize-winning and innovative Professor of Government and Law at Georgetown University, the founding Director of Georgetown's Prisons and JusticeInitiative, the Founder and President of the non-profit Frederick Douglass Project of Justice, and an accomplished author. His work with current and formerly incarcerated individuals is changing lives.

Professor of Government and Law at Georgetown University

Director, Prisons and Justice Initiative

Special thanks to Microsoft Hackathon volunteers

These passionate volunteers continue to support this project and are committed to increasing the adoption of the Equity Dashboard by those in the criminal legal system nationwide.

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Alexandra Minea
Alli Heller
Anand Gupta
Andrew Taylor
Ann Stevens
Anthony Powers
Ayushi Singh
Belinda Cheng
Caity Torres
Cindy Roberts
Collin Smith
Connie Yang
Cristina de la Colina
Denise Cody
Duncan Wadsworth
Grace Clack
Hailie Meehan
Heather Suchobrus
Jacquelyn Krones

Jasmine Hon
Jenna Goldenne
Jenni French Cyrek
Jenny Passero
Jesse McCracken
Jian Ma
Jo Riedel
Jonica Couweleers
Julie Meyer
Kate Sigafoos
Kevin Braiden
Kim Hughes
Kimberly Gordon
Kimberly Ly
Kirk Arthur
Kyle Brand
Lendyn Davis
Lindsay My
Lisa Minas

Marie Robbins
Mehar Nangia
Michael Amoako
Michael Dunn
Natalie Cardinali
Natalie Fetsch
Pablo Castro
Paul Ridge
Rachel Hacker
Reenah Gwak
Sarah Berglin
Scott Semyan
Scott Walker
Sejin Park
Sriv Parameswaran
Tanya Rojas
Tareq Humphrey
Tyler Mays-Childers
Wes Simons
Yvonne Chan

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