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On February 25, 2021, the Washington State Supreme Court issued the Blake decision, overturning the state's long-standing drug possession statute. Chief Justice Stephens said:

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[t]he fact of racial and ethnic disproportionality in our criminal justice system is indisputable.”
Chief Justice Debra L. Stephens

Overnight, criminal justice stakeholders needed to identify the hundreds of thousands of people affected by this unconstitutional statute. Anthony and the AEJG team used their Equity Dashboard to quickly identify relevant data and test this claim.

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Stranger headline: New Data Analysis

Equity Dashboard makes sentencing data universally available

The week prior to its Seattle University Launch Event, AEJG again made the news. Our Equity Dashboard is different than many others available to all people. We provide everyone access to data previously used by some policy makers and legislators to guide criminal legal system decisions. We make our data filterable so that users can drill down on the data relevant of interest to them, instead of limiting access to the search results chosen by criminal legal system decisionmakers. The Stranger agrees our Equity Dashboard is unique because it does not “shield those in power from the responsibility of articulating a meaningful policy position.”

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[t]he impact of this kind of reliable data is hard to overstate.”
Will Casey. “Finally, a Crime Dashboard You Should Care About.” The Stranger. May 10, 2022
Stranger headline: Finally, a Crime Dashboard You Should Care About

Anthony Powers visits Converge Media’s Morning Update Show

Anthony Powers visited Converge Media’s Morning Update Show to talk about our national launch at Georgetown University.

Trae Holiday and Anthony interview